Reflecting in My Own Beautiful Way

I’ve always been passionate about literacy. I think learning to read in a nurturing way is the foundation for success, so I love that I teach first grade and have the power to shape that experience.

I also love am obsessed with children’s books. I love how stories can teach such powerful lessons and help you understand the world and yourself. One day, I hope to publish a children’s book of my own.

When I learned about the idea of digital literacy this summer, that sparked my curiosity. I’m looking forward to expanding my understanding of how I can empower children to be thinkers, questioners, and compassionate humans through literacy.

In A More Beautiful Question, Berger writes, “…maybe your beautiful question will focus on creating a more fulfilled, more curious, more interesting you” (2014, p. 213). This statement accurately describes my mission as an educator.

Taking all this into account, I decided to reflect on my learning by writing a children’s book about this topic. I used the tool Book Creator which I use in my classroom so that perhaps my story will inspire my students to share their stories.


Berger, W. (2014). A More Beautiful Question. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Publishing.


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